D and D Family Farms moved up to Martin County in 2001.  We began farming here as a traditional u-pick and market and gradually added on the agritainment portion of the farm.  First came the petting zoo, then the hayride, barrel train, children's playground and the McKenzie Express - a 2ft gauge train.


Over the years the rising cost of fuel increased the cost of everything needed to farm, however, the market place was flooded with produce from South America driving down the market price.  For a small farm like ours, that meant that year after year we were loosing money.  Last year we decided the only way we could continue farming was to gain Organic Certification.  So we decided to shut the farm down for the three years, but there was such an outcry from families that wanted to enjoy the agritainment portion of the farm that we decided to stay open on a reduced schedule.



Join us at the farm for our 8th Abbual Easter Celebration

Currently we have two greenhouses where we grow organic hydroponic strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, some pickles/cucumbers and lettuce during the growing season.


We have several festivals throughout the year.  We begin the season with the Fall Festival a month long festival in October with a Pumpkin Patch, Farm of lights in December, Corn Festival in January, Strawberry Festival in February, Easter Festival on Easter Weekend and a Watermelon Festival in June.  For more information check out Festival page.


We also host weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, charitable events and school/pre-school field trips.  For more information check out our Events page.


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